Monday, October 31, 2016

Fun Cheap Halloween Decor T-Shirts

Happy Halloween!
What a fun time of year.  Look at these fun Halloween T-shirt embellishments.  All you need are black T-shirts, orange duct tape, wax paper and scissors - easy peasy!
Kitty photo bombed us!! Bad kitty!!
Roll out the duct tape onto a piece of wax paper.  Don't press too hard or you will have trouble removing the duct tape from the wax paper.  I thought nothing stuck to wax paper...well, duct tape does.

Actually, I like to leave a bit of the wax paper overhanging the duct tape to make the removal process easy:

Cut whatever shape you like for the jack o latern face.  I didn't want to trace out anything so I just cut out a few triangles for the nose and eyes and a crescent moon with zig zags for the teeth.

Even kitty cat wanted  to help.

Now just stick them onto your shirt like stickers.  Take them off before you wash your t-shirt.  Isn't this great, cheap, temporary Halloween fun?

Happy Halloween!!!!

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